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Disc Brake Rotors Road Center Lock Floating 160mm 140mm

160mm 140mm Sizes

140mm +$110 AUD $110.00 AUD
160mm +$110 AUD $110.00 AUD
140mm + 160mm +$220 AUD $220.00 AUD

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Product description

Disc Brake Rotors Road Center Lock Floating 160mm 131grams & 140mm 112grams (super light but last much longer than other flimsy steel/alloy sandwich fin rotors) compatible with your existing organic/resin or metal/sintered pads eg you can use them with any pad type. I personally prefer metal/sintered (totally up to you though). We only sell rotors, not pads. Lock rings are included, unlike some other brands that don't.

Floating disc brake rotors are the pinnacle in brake performance with every top grade motorsport & downhill MTB using them so I made my own for road bikes. Floating rotors have been around since the 1960s but road bikes are slow tech adopters so I'm very happy to provide superior braking performance without the heat warping, rotor rub & brake fade. The highest grade steel braking band is paired with a superlight forged T7075 aluminium spider via expansion rivets to allow natural expansion & contraction keeping the rotor straight even when red hot.

Your friends will also appreciate the lack of noise as these run without the dreaded wet banshee squeal.

  • Floating heat expansion/contraction two piece design
  • Less noise, less fade, better braking
  • Very long wear life
  • Center Lock mounting for rigitity & ease of installation
  • 160mm & 140mm
  • Lock rings included
  • Center spider is black and brake band is silver as per picture

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