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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Details

As CADEN deals directly with the public (without the assistance of third party retailers or distributors) we are able to communicate directly with our customers and in doing so attend to any warranty claims far more efficiently than any of our competitors.

We warrant our wheels to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of three years after purchase. Our three year warranty is also transferable from the original owner to a secondary owner, provided the original proof of purchase is provided to us and the wheels have looked after and maintained subject to fair wear and tear.

All of our warranty claims are treated with the utmost importance and we pride ourselves on fixing and returning wheels back to our customers in the shortest time possible.

In addition to our three year defect warranty, CADEN provides a free wheel truing and spoke replacement service also for a period of three years after purchase. Secondary owners can also benefit from this service, provided the original proof of purchase is made available to us and the wheels have looked after and maintained, allowing for fair wear and tear.

Rest assured that as a CADEN customer we will do our absolute best to make your experience a positive one!

Our customers who purchased wheels before end of July 2016 will continue to benefit from the two year defect warranty that CADEN was then offering.

Privacy Policy Details

In the unfortunate circumstance of a crash resulting in your wheel/s being unrepairable, all original and secondary owners of CADEN wheels will be entitled to wheel replacement at 50% off the retail price for the same level wheel as the original purchase. Proof of purchase will be required to benefit from our crash replacement policy.

Crash replacement wheels will require an upfront full payment for the new wheel/s and you will also be required to send us the damaged wheel/s before we send you (at our cost) the new replacement wheel/s.

Privacy Policy Details

We hope you will understand that CADEN will not be able to provide the defect and crash replacement warranties on any claims where our wheels have been mistreated, not used for their intended purpose or have been modified or altered. Our defect warranty also does not apply to normal wear and tear which a wheel might experience from use.

Before sending any wheel/s back to us as a result of any warranty claim, please be sure to make contact with us first to let us know the wheels are being sent.

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